Are you a Homeowner or Professional Interior Designer?

We work with both and our wall coverings are:

Digitally Printed. Customizable. Removable. Beautiful!

CL Visual offers the most impressive wall wraps and custom wall paper available. All digitally printed in our Long Island facility, and fully customizable, each wall mural is tough, flexible and scruff-resistant… not to mention, stunning!

We can create wall art using your own picture, or we can design something completely new for you!

[our Work for Mark Wahlberg, owner of WahlBurgers restaurants]

We design, print and install your wall art. And as we are the only Avery-Certified Wrapping Company, CL Visual can create the perfect design for your project and allow you to choose from various finishes:

  • MPI 2611 Wall Film
  • Pure Canvas Textured Wall Film
  • Natural Stucco Textured Wall Film
  • Crushed Stone Textured Wall Film


  • YOUR CHOICE: Choose from permanent or removable designs
  • YOUR TIME:  Turn-around time on a project is normally within 3 days
  • YOUR PEACE OF MIND: CL Visual does all work IN-HOUSE. We do not rely on outside design as other companies do, so we fully back the work in the event you have issues. Other companies who outsource, cannot say the same thing

Call us and see how easy we will make the process for you!



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