You see it more than you may realize you do. Vehicle wrapping includes not only commercial wraps, but color changes, accents and Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film). CL Visual is your one stop wrap shop. Not only do we prep and wrap the vehicle, but we also go as far as offering design services if needed. We will also go over the after care for your wrap with you to ensure you are getting the most of your money.

Vehicle Wrapping Can Be Used For Various Purposes

Advertising: Wrapping your vehicle is having a billboard on wheels. Whether you have a fleet of trucks, or regular car, adding your company’s information not only attracts more attention, but it looks more professional too! Just because you have a small budget, doesn’t mean you can’t add that professional touch to your vehicle. We candy anything from door lettering and decals to partial wraps to full wraps. Don’t forget to ask about our design services as well!

Color Change/Accents: Tired of the color of your vehicle? Or are you looking to really POP on the streets? Let CL Visual wrap your car today! It will be like you just bought a brand new car. We offer a wide range of colors, finishes and even color change. Don’t want to change the entire color of your car? We can wrap any accents you’d like as well. One of the most popular accents is carbon fiber. Call us and let’s discuss how to make your car make everyone say “WOW”.

Clear Bra: You just invested in your vehicle so why not keep it as new as possible? Clear Bra Paint Protection helps you do that by protecting your car from things such as debris and rock chips. You can choose to cover only certain parts of your vehicle, or you can choose to cover all of it. For more information, visit our Clear Bra page.


Here at CL Visual, we take as much pride in your vehicle as you do. We are a fully certified shop. That means, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in the hands of professionals. We make sure that every aspect of wrapping your car is done correctly. From the prep, to the wrap. But what about the after?

Cleaning Tips After Your Car Has Been Wrapped:

Waterless Wash – Preferred Method: If the vehicle is not overly dirty, this is the preferred method. Hand Wash extremely Dirty vehicles first and follow up with a waterless wash. Waterless wash products can help maintain the gloss level and performance of the film. We recommend using a standard cleaner in the Supreme Wrap™ Care line available at CL Visual. Afterward, use a sealant to provide a protective layer on your wrap for easier cleaning of everyday dirt and stains.

Hand Wash: Ideal for a vehicle with dirt or other residue. Follow the below steps:

  1. Pre Rinse: Using a hose, rinse the whole wrap with clean water. This helps remove the loose dirt particles and helps avoid scratching the graphics.
  2. Wash: Gently wash the vehicle with a mild soapy water solution using a soft cloth or synthetic or natural sponge. Start from the top of the vehicle and work down. Avoid abrading the surface with unnecessary scrubbing.
  3. Rinse: Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  4. Dry: Let the wrap dry naturally. To avoid water spotting, use a silicone squeegee to remove water then finish drying with a micro-fiber or soft, nonabrasive towel.




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