She’ll Never Look This Good Again

Protect her for Years with Clear Bra Paint Protection

Suntek, Clear Bra Paint Protection3M, Clear Bra Paint ProtectionXpel, Clear Bra Paint Protection

How Does It Work?

The original factory paint job on your car — there’s nothing else like it. Flawless, Crisp and Clean. Sadly, the road is a beast… Your car’s finish fades fast!

But you can keep it looking like it just left the factory. The team here at CL Visual is highly-trained and experienced in the precision application of clear auto paint protection films by SunTek, Xpel and 3M.

We’ve helped hundreds of car owners in New York keep their cars looking brand new (and even better than new). From exotic and luxury autos to other mid-range brands, we help any car owner who cares about their car’s finish.

Packages to Fit Every Budget – Starting at $700

If you have to repaint your bumper, it seriously affects the resale value of your car. Protect your bumper now before it’s damaged.

We offer professional technicians and quick turn-around times. You’ll love CL Visual once you work with us because we truly care about your car!


Don’t worry about flying rocks or debris, or parking lot dings because clear bra paint protection removes the worry from taking her out of the garage!

What is Paint Correction?

Well, the above Clear Bra Paint Protection helps avoid damage to your car’s paint. It’s “the before”, but what about “the after” if it’s already damaged?

Paint correction is the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle. This is done by removing a very small amount of clear coat or paint from the surface by using abrasive polishes. The process starts with a thorough cleaning. Paintwork is properly washed and cleaned to remove any loose dirt and debris. The vehicle is clayed with a special automotive clay bar once the wash process is completed.

The clay safely removes any bonded surface contaminants, such as tar spots and industrial fallout. The contaminants are removed so they do not get caught in a pad and create permanent damage to the vehicle. The polishing stage uses different grades ranging from heavier cutting compounds to finer products to remove all marks. A paint depth gauge is used to measure the paint during this process to monitor how much material is being removed and ensure excess is not being removed.

If too much is removed, it could leave the paint too thin or even cause irreversible damage. Special halogen or LED lights that replicate the effect of direct sunlight are used during the process as well. If an imperfection or scratch is too deep to remove, it is reduced and minimized as best as possible by rounding out the edges of the mark to make it less apparent in direct light. Once the correction is completed, the car is wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to remove any left over oils and to reveal the car’s true shine. In conclusion, you are left with a car that looks good as new!

So… CLV has you covered before, and after! Either way, your car will look beautiful.



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