Creative design is really at the center of all of CL Visual’s work. Each and every project taken on by our company gets the same passionate attention to detail and the perfecting of the design you envision. Likewise Leigh, partner\owner at CL Visual, is really the heart of our successful creative design work and heads the design team With a degree from Fashion Institute of Technology, Leigh’s career spans more than 15 years, during which time she gained much experience in the design industry. Both she and Chris, the other partner\owner and the “C” in CL Visual, also bring backgrounds in printing and design to the table.

The CL Visual team tackles head on the the designing of new logos and rebranding, as well as designs for seasonal promotional items, posters and fundraiser or group custom apparel. Really, all you need do is let the team know what it is you are looking for, and they are more than capable of running with it.

With communication as an essential component of a project’s success, we listen to what your vision and desires are and at each point along the design process, you will receive pictures and updates until you are 100% satisfied with what it looks like. If your vision changes, so can the design, until all the tweaking is done and you have exactly what you pictured. Browse through our picture gallery and see examples of what we have done, because as C & L both like to say, “we can do this better!”

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